Friday, March 28, 2008

Conformist Privilege

*** removed this post because it was kind of petulant and silly. ***


Anath said...

I agree with this. I find that similar things happen to me and those I associate with that in some way appear to belong to the metal/goth/extreme punk subcultures. Most of the points on your list ring true.

I would also argue that we, as members of extreme subculture, no longer possess the many of the heterosexual privileges either, as some of us are automatically presumed to have specific fetishes (as you listed), or are assumed to be gay or lesbian. I have been wrongly presumed to be a lesbian on countless occasions, even when I am very obviously dating a BOY. This is based solely on my tastes in clothing, music, literature my skull and blade collections, and my independent, freethinking personality, as well as my rejection and repulsion of many things traditionally labeled as feminine such as purses, skirts, makeup, "girly" colors, fangirldom in terms of musicians and celebrities etc etc.

Anonymous said...

the only good thing about being a goth is drunk women you can fuck in the toilets at a gig