Monday, October 29, 2007

A swift update.

I'm going to stop making statements about what I'm going to do with this blog, I think. I'll just use it, though I will try to use it more often...oh DAMN.

Anyway, this post is basically another nail in the coffin of my bete noire: preachy marxists writing about neo-folk. I recently came upon this utter gem, which I think quite neatly shows up most of the problems with all this crap. Get a load of this opening sentence:

"Death in June (DIJ) is not a typical white power nazi band - they do not shave their heads, sing about lynching Blacks or rant about Jewish conspiracies. Nonetheless, DIJ\rquote s unabashed support for fascist ideology and aesthetics is just as strong."

For a start, the acronym is 'Di6'. For a second lets just consider what this sentence is saying or implying. A brief translation: "Death in June aren't nazis. But we can prove they are." Notice the language use 'Death in June is not a typical white power nazi band'. That's it. They've already formed their opinion and yours. And of course, Death in June really aren't a typical white power nazi band. Mainly because they don't espouse white power. Or nazism. Oh, and another point, whilst we're breezing through. Just about the only justified claim this article makes is that Douglas P has expressed an interest in, perhaps at times even an admiration for, Ernst Rohm and the 'left nazis', or national bolsheviks, leading on to the modern idea of third positionism. This may be fascism, but it is NOT nazism.There are no nazis nowadays. The nazi party got disbanded in a remarkably efficient manner 50 years ago. And of course, we haven't made the most important point here: being interested in someone, or admiring someone, does not actually imply you agree with them. There are many historical or contemporary figures who I could personally say I admire, whilst even going as far as condemning them in some other respects. Churchill is an obvious example here. I think him as admiral a figure as any in British history, despite the fact that I very much doubt I would agree with him on any subject whatsoever. I take spiritual advice from Aleister Crowley, a racist dopehead. This isn't unique to me. I doubt many people in the modern western world would actually agree, for example, with Mahatma Ghandi? Yet he is venerated. If you really want a parallel to Rohm, actually, and this would probably resonate well with a website that collates 'left, anarchist and workers texts', then what about Trotsky. You remember Trotsky, he was the nice one. His communism wasn't as bad as everyone elses. He was the progressive who got assasinated by the evil Stalin. Oh, and he was also the head of the Red Army, and presided over the committing of countless atrocities.

I actually quite like Trotsky myself. I have considered adopting "Life is Beautiful" as my personal motto. What I'm trying to show is how flimsy and stupid the arguments used by these people are, how simplistic their view of art and symbolism is. And to justify what? Well, shutting down Di6 shows of course (for other fans, what I am basically saying is that these blowjobs are the reason that Di6 doesn't tour anymore). Is this what anarcho-communist agitators do nowadays? I remember reading an article once (can't find it now, unfortunately), by a very casual Di6 fan and acquintance of Boyd Rice, commenting on this phenomenon. He said (paraphrasing) "At the end of the day, what have these people achieved. They've stopped a gay middle aged englishman singing some depressing folk songs." Seriously, do these people actually think that shutting down neo-folk gigs is striking a blow for freedom? You know, I bet they do. I bet they get together over fairtrade coffee and organic smoothies and pat each other on the back. Because shutting down a Death in June show is a decisive blow against the edifice of tyranny. Never mind that Death in June have no ties to any fascist organisations or record labels. Never mind that there are no racist statements on record from any member of the band. Never mind that Douglas P played more Rock Against Racism gigs with Crisis than these two-bit punks have had infected ear-piercings. Never mind that we're talking about people who haven't yet realised that Boyd Rice's entire life is a joke at the worlds expense. Never mind that half this article is quoted from secondary sources or a gross mis-representation (for example, the gigs that Di6 apparently pulled out of because they were anti-racism or whatever...what evidence is there one is the cause of the other? How many shows has Di6 cancelled where there was no anti-racism message? Hmmnn...) Oh, and never mind the lack of historical knowledge, the hypocrisy. Do you suppose these people blockaded the release of the recent Ian Curtis biopic? Why should they you ask?

Well holy shit. Do you suppose they boycott Creatures gigs?


Well, anyway, that was a nice rant. I could go on and on, but I've already derailed myself enough. Well met, my nonexistant readers, well met.


D said...

Save lives!

"Proceeds from the CD went to a Croatian (fascist) military hospital."

But not fascist lives!

The Master said...

For too many people, human rights extend only to people you agree with.