Monday, July 02, 2007

The Triumphant Return?

I need to write more. I have decided this. And where better do I have to write than here? This is the longest running and most active blog I've ever tried to keep. So lets try to keep it alive. What I think I'll do is focus it back on music, as it was supposed to be when I started it, upon realising that no music bloggers wrote about what I would consider good music: dark and wierd things from the fringes of culture, the Sopor Aeternuses and Blood Axises, the Current 93s and the Cryptic Wintermoons, the Demilichs and the Darkthrones, the Coffin Shakers, Alien Vampires, Immortals, Laibachs, Changes and Legendary Pink Dots. Metal, Industrial, Goth, Neo-folk, Punk and all the wierd shit that floats around that axis are my forte. These are the unhappy hunting grounds I plan to stalk. It will get me writing, keep me thinking and hopefully make me more pro-active in acquiring new music. I may even start writing for Evening of Light again after an enormous slump. Who knows?

Musings (hopefully) to follow...

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db0 said...

Don't forget that you can also write on the ACP ;)