Monday, December 18, 2006

The most anti-christian computer game ever.

You know, I was thinking just now, why the hell hasn't Sims 2 had the everliving SHIT ripped out of it by christians? I know Jack Thompsons had a crack at it, but that was because of the nudity blur removal patch and some paedophilia crap (the models have less detail than barbie dolls for fucks sake. Does he want to ban dolls...oh wait, I suppose he probably does). No one actually seems to have come out and realised how monstrous this game can actually be in the eyes of christians.

I suppose part of it is imagination. Fundamentalist christians can't imagine a stable gay couple, so they fail to realise that, yes, you can create same sex couples in the sims. Oh, and you can give them children. And, in Nightlife, you can make them become vampires. This is not to mention that you can make 'em fuck, wear revealing clothes, listen to heavy metal music, dance, drink, swear and goodness knows what. Let me re-iterate. Drunken lesbian vampires bumping uglies to Slayer whilst their kids sleep next door.

Oh, and sims never go to church either.

Maxis 1
God 0

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Nikaras said...

Never thought about that. You know, they probably haven't said shit because they're playing it too.