Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Worlds funniest Christian website?

I knew that there was something missing from the rabid Christian websites I love trawling through, and now I know what it was: Catholicism.

Welcome to Tradition in Action, easily one of the most insane websites I have ever seen. This is basically the Catholic take on the Satanic conspiracy...complete with articles about how the inquisition wasn't such a bad thing, how Galileos trial was just and loving peaens to life in the 13th Century! Now, I admire some historical cultures greatly (The Greeks and Celts) but I don't want to actually resurrect them on earth. These people do. They want to turn back every single atom of progress man has ever made and put the festering, corrupt, proto-fascist institution of the medieval catholic church back in to its former position of power. According to these people, the fact that 'Christendom' can be no longer said to exist is the most tragic thing in history. We all know it is one of the human races greatest victories to finally be overcoming the monstrous evil that the Roman empire worked on the world in its multiple guises: an empire that in all forms despised progress and freedom and lived on cruelty and death. This is what they want returned.

It's all deeply sad and scary of course, but it is also, as these things often are, unintentionally hilarious. For example, did you know grunge was communist?

Fourth, the principal message these seditious “social engineers” send is this: There should be no more dignity, elegance, or glamour of dress. Everyone, regardless of position or place, should wear the same denim skirt or jeans, the same cotton t-shirt and tennis shoes. Communist doctrine considers all inequalities – including those of dress – unjust and harmful. It is difficult to deny that the IOC collection contributes to this Communist goal to level everything. This seems to be the aim of their purported "social engineering."

Or the dangers that come from wearing black?

For one who still believes that colors have meanings, one could interpret this trend toward the color black to represent the anxieties, insecurities, depressions, and imbalances of every kind that plague modern society. This obsession with black clothing, especially among the youth, is a concrete sign of our dark, troubled and mournful days, times when the young become old too quickly and grieve too soon for lost childhood and vanished innocence. That is the best and perhaps more poetic interpretation. At worst, it is surely a kind of symbol of the dismal triumph of Satanism and the occult.

That's just two little things plucked from the 'Manners, Customs, Clothing' section of their Cultural page. There's a lot more where that came from. Want to learn how the 'glorious insitutution' of knighthood has been debased by none other than QE II herself by giving Macca and Mick Jagger knighthoods, thus clearly destroying thousands of years of pious tradition throughout which, of course, no one 'morally objectionable' was ever given a knighthood? Or how you can deduce the lack of respect endemic in todays children from, wait for it, a single photograph. And yes, the batshit crazy (man, woman, I dunno! And I really want to use the opposite to piss the fool off if they ever find this as well) who wrote that article does indeed appear to have a PhD. Talk about debasing your noble institutions! Oh my, and the reviews! How about The Matrix Trilogy:

A detail worthy of attention: Zion is placed in the center of the earth, the site of Hell, according to traditional thinking of the Church. Access to the city Zion runs through a network of large, badly dug tunnels that begin in the sewers of the great cities. I have read in different sources that in some mountains of Tibet, in several caves of Brazil, and at places in the North Pole, there are secret tunnels for communication straight with Hell. It is said they are used by Tibetan monks, UFO insiders, or other initiated persons to have direct access to the Devil. The tunnels leading to Zion in The Matrix series led me to question whether they had an analogous goal.

Or any of the book reviews (I find this one quite amusing. I love the fact that s/he him/herself does not realise that what s/he is doing is some of the most achingly blatant ' scholarship in the service of a social and political agenda' that I have ever seen. If indeed you can call it scholarship).

But anyway, feel free to peruse the site yourself if you want, but always remember: Roman and subsequently Catholic civilisation destroyed western europe, killed millions and locked the whole area in cultural, philosophical and technological stagnation for two thousand years. However much the sheep bleat about 'the culture of death', they are themselves death, and we, whoever we are, are life.

Viva le Revolucion!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The most anti-christian computer game ever.

You know, I was thinking just now, why the hell hasn't Sims 2 had the everliving SHIT ripped out of it by christians? I know Jack Thompsons had a crack at it, but that was because of the nudity blur removal patch and some paedophilia crap (the models have less detail than barbie dolls for fucks sake. Does he want to ban dolls...oh wait, I suppose he probably does). No one actually seems to have come out and realised how monstrous this game can actually be in the eyes of christians.

I suppose part of it is imagination. Fundamentalist christians can't imagine a stable gay couple, so they fail to realise that, yes, you can create same sex couples in the sims. Oh, and you can give them children. And, in Nightlife, you can make them become vampires. This is not to mention that you can make 'em fuck, wear revealing clothes, listen to heavy metal music, dance, drink, swear and goodness knows what. Let me re-iterate. Drunken lesbian vampires bumping uglies to Slayer whilst their kids sleep next door.

Oh, and sims never go to church either.

Maxis 1
God 0

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Life without a computer, Jesus Camp.

So, it looks like the network server at the Arts Institute is infested with more malware than a Russian porn site. My computer here has been pwned by some hideous variant of the Sasser worm which has left me unable to log on at all. Fortunately, it's only a little shit-box previously owned by my sister (which is why it lacks adequate virus protection I guess). Unfortunately, it looks like the only solution will either be system recovery or a complete repair install, followed by a thorough thrashing with AVG. The problem is, of course, that I don't have a windows disk or AVG with me, and the IT department won't lend me either, the bastards. (I feel a little bad typing this on one of their computers, but hey). Looks like I'll either have to lug the whole box home at the weekend (joy...) or just burn me all the disks I'll require when I get home and pray to the gods that I can do everything that's necessary here. Thankfully, there's nothing particularly important on there (except some stuff I was going to review for Evening of Light, which I guess I'll have to get off Qwallath again) and I have all my college-related stuff backed up, so it won't be a biggy if I have to wipe the whole thing.

Anyway, enough of my personal woes, and on to those of others. I just (yesterday) managed to watch the whole of the documentary 'Jesus Camp' for free at dailymotion.com (just put it in a search, it's in five bits). Holy. Shit. I have, in my life, seen, heard and read a lot of horrible, depraved things. A lot of it has been quite entertaining. I have successfully enjoyed The Guinea Pig films, the writings of the Marquis De Sade, stuff like that. This wasn't like that.

Jesus Camp is right up there with the nazis, as far as I'm concerned. This is hardcore fucking evil of a very high order, vis a vis the industrial-scale brainwashing of children by religious fascists. Reading and watching this kind of high-grade religious evil always makes me feel very scared indeed, because of the simple fact that always strikes me when I read Chick Comics (Readers of this blog will probably already know of my somewhat ironic adoration of the ultimate illustrated bigot), namely the fact that these people quite obviously view themselves as fighting a war when, in fact, there is no opposing army. This is, I think, the thing that makes them so utterly dangerous. They are sure they are fighting some sort of unified, organised opposition, whether it is the 'liberal media' or some satanic conspiracy, but in fact there is no such thing. I wish there was, but there isn't. There are, of course, many decent people and organsisations (and quite a few not so decent ones) dedicated to opposing these bastards, but the fact of the matter is that there is no unity, no agenda, nothing like these people have achieved: a unified socio-political front bent on destroying all human freedom forever and churning out generation after generation of dead-eyed, bible-thumping, queer bashing fanatics willing to die for the will of God (as 'interpreted' by their Pastors of course!). Something needs to be done to oppose this shit, and I don't mean radical Islam here. Whilst I firmly believe that religious tolerance is a good thing (after all, I believe in a completely free society: despite what these nutcases think there are very few people who want to ban God whilst completely deregulating pornography, though I admit that could be fun), there are limits. I personally believe that a true believer in freedom simply cannot tolerate the existence of such profoundly un-free, un-tolerant, disgusting and evil things as this. If there's a culture war, then we have to make sure that the only people that are fighting aren't these nutcases and a few 'total' atheists like Richard Dawkins, who are casting all those with religious beliefs as being with these people. It's not just such 'anti-christians' I call to this fight, but any christian with a shred of human decency as well. If your religion wants to use free will to justify the existence of evil, then lets have some of it. We need to do the impossible: create a society where people are allowed to believe these hateful, retrograde ideologies, but where no one actually does. Oh, and of course, it goes without saying that, if we live in a world where laws are still necessary, then what they do to these children should definitely be illegal.