Saturday, November 25, 2006

The ten best tracks that you will never hear in a club

(aka: why no one ever lets me DJ twice)

Aborym - Chernobyl Generation
Alien Vampires - I'm Dead Fuck You
Angelspit - Nurse Grenade
Blood Axis - Eternal Soul
Cinema Strange - Greensward Grey
Coil - Teenage Lightning II
Death in June - Christine the Lizard
The Mercy Cage - Prozac, God and the Atomic Bomb
Mother Destruction - Ride, Rune, Ride
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - The Conqueror Worm

If you know anywhere in the South of England that plays such things, then please for fucks sake inform me. Be aware, of course, that I have never found anywhere here whose idea of 'alternative dance music' extends beyond Apoptygma Berzerk and KMFDM (and those are the edgy tracks between the Rammstein dance remixes and Nine Inch Nails). I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only living human being in Bournemouth (Lets not even talk about the Isle of Wight) who's even heard of :wumspcut:, Neuroticfish, Scapa Flow, Laibach, Oomph!, The Invincible Spirit or VNV Nation, let alone formulated a desire to dance like a robotic maniac to their music.

I mean, seriously, I live in a cultural fucking void. 95% of the club nights here carry either the word 'breaks', 'cheesy' or 'funky' somehwere in their description, and the others are very, very dire alternative nights (When a night advertises itself as Metal, Punk, Indie and Alternative and you can't get the DJ to play The Sex Pistols or The Misfits because 'not enough people will know them' then you know you're in trouble).

I've given up on ever finding a decent metal night.


Anonymous said...

Fucking hails on the Mercy Cage.
Did you dig that CD I sent ya?
Tell me on MSN cause I don't check up on these things.

joseph p. said...

i actually like that tracklist, coil, aborym, and blood axis are fuckin bomb... the reason nobody else does is because theyre a bunch of fucking pansies, and i guess the brits dont have as much of an underground scene as we in toronto do

Nikaras said...