Monday, October 16, 2006

The most enjoyable 40 seconds of music ever.

Coil - Disco Hospital

0:59 - 1:39



Rizzo said...

Just as the synths kick in and the vocals fade out. Certainly one of the best moments on the album but my personal favourite is the later half of Dark River, especially the Autetchre mix.
My personal favourite is 0:05 to 0:24 in AFI's cover of Halloween by The Misfits. I don't know why but it's always just stuck with me.

The Master said...

Actually, I must agree that that cover is very, very good: I purchased the All Hallows EP when I was about 13/14 on the strength of the cover, and I've probably listened to it over a hundred times. That song in general, particularly that song and the original Misfits version, perfectly make my point that I often make about Black Metal, that the emotional content of music doesn't really have anything to do with the lyrics, and that in fact it's sometimes better if the lyrics are just fantasy/horror nonsense. Also, I consider Halloween to just generally be one of the finest songs ever written, in any genre, at any time, by anyone. It's just one of those songs that is stuck as part of me.

As for the Coil, it's mainly just that in that bit of that song I have found the permanent cure for depression. The day I split up with my ex, I played that bit on repeat endlessly, and you simply cannot physically be sad listening to it. It's just pure, deranged joy, kind of sly, and just fucking cool.

Dooooo doooo doooo doo doo doodly doo do doodly doo dooooo dooo doo doo doodly doo duh-duh-duhdy-duh...