Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well shit...

Looks like this thing's NOT moving. Firefox just bizarrely remembered my name and password! Let this be a warning to you kids: do not think up the coolest name and password that come in to your head when you're completely fucking pissed off your face.

Normal service will resume shortly. I may have things to write about, because I'M GOING TO ART COLLEGE!


Also, I bought some Burzum vinyl last week, which totally makes me, like, soooooo much kvlter than all you losers. Oh yeah! No, but seriously, I think I am becoming a convert to vinyl, which is both strange (as my family already has a nice old-school hi-fi system and about 400 classic LPs of everyone from Hawkwind to The Beatles to Stiff Little Fingers to Prokofiev) and intensely annoying (the only shops round here that sell vinyl either sell DJ vinyl, or old records almost certainly contained in my parents combined collection).

Well, that said, I'll quite possibly be LEAVING THIS SHITHOLE ISLAND FOREVER some time in the next few months. Huzzah!

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