Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wacken Report:

  • Finntroll live
  • Kilts
  • Blowing up discarded tents
  • Metal babies
  • Finntroll live!
  • Mead
  • Curing hangovers with six more beers
  • Huge sweaty Germans wearing nothing but thongs, plastic viking hats, wellington boots and waterwings
  • Calling everything 'krieg'
  • Finn. Troll. Live.
  • Atheist re-union gig
  • Heatstroke hallucinations ist krieg!
  • Innumerable hot foreign chicks with Burzum shirts drinking mead from fucking horns man!
  • The fucking JOMSVIKINGS
  • Wombled a folding chair
  • Did I mention that I fucking saw Finntroll live and that it was the crowning moment of my otherwise dull and empty life?
  • No money for food and a tent full of Vodka and beer
  • That guy going round asking if we'd seen a guy with long hair and a black t-shirt
  • dragging massive crates of beer around with spiky belts
  • Taunting Liverpudlians
  • Oh yeah and, like, Morbid Angel and Korpiklaani and Motorhead and shit
  • Best. Festival. EVER!


troll said...

I'm so jealous. send me some urine because it no doubt contains LIQUID WACKEN AWESOMENESS

troll said...

oh, and how was Finntroll's new vocalist?

The Master said...

He is actually pretty good, though he is weak on the jolking. Also, they played two new tracks, and the next album will fucking rule.

troll said...


epp said...

i was there too :) awesome concert