Sunday, June 11, 2006

The real reason why Wikipedia is useless for students.

Length of Wikipedias article on Count Sergei Witte: 674 words.
Length of Wikipedias article on Spider-Woman: 3022 words.

From this, we may conclude that either:

a) The geeks shall inherit the earth.
b) By inductive reasoning the following hypothesis: the amount of import a wikipedia article has to world affairs and mainstream intellectual life is directly inverse to its quality.
c) Wikipedia is a load of shit.


RiddlerG said...

Wiki is "by the people for the people", so it accurately shows the state of spirit of the general internet public. Still it's millions of years ahead from places like public forums in this aspect. The retards you find there!
All in all it's still very useful when you need to quick-check some facts, find a name etc. What would you do withou it? :)

The Master said...

I would probably use my public library :P