Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Comfort of Total Fear

My current big obsession is fundamentalist Christians. I suppose I came on to it through doing some net reading on conspiracy theories, when I started noticing just how many conspiracy theorists were fundies. David Icke, with his 'nothing but love' new-age ramblings is definitely the exception rather than the rule, and it is no surprise that other conspiracy theorists, such as Alex Jones, hate him: Not only does he make them all look much more stupid, but he's just far too nice: he's not a religious bigot, he's not an eschatoligist...hell, he doesn't even hate Jews!

The time I really started noticing the correlation was when I was reading through the entire collection of Chick Tracts and Comics at chickcomics (laughing my arse off all the time) and I realised that all you'd need to do is replace the demons with the Illuminati and this could be almost any conspiracy document. Some don't even get to the devil...who needs old horny when you've got the black pope? All that christians have needed to do is just insert Satan behind the NWO (which, predictably enough, gives us Jews=NWO=Satan, to use the classic conspiracist formula) and maybe play up the Catholics a bit more and shazaam. Revelations could almost have been tailor-made for turning people into paranoid nutcases (Also, aren't paranoia and hallucinations both side-effects of massive hashish consumption? Just saying...)

What this basically allows the Christian Fundamentalist is the blissful comfort of hating and fearing absolutely everything, from black metal to pokemon, from dungeons and dragons to orange juice (The sweetened urine of Satan himself, apparently). This removes them from the onerous task of thinking about anything for more than two seconds:


What I have done with these thoughts is fuse them into one of the many ideas for a novel that I always have on the boil. Basically, fuck the Catholics. How about if all of christianity is a conspiracy theory? Yeah, I know, it's been done, but hey.

Mine has vampires.

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RiddlerG said...

I quite agree with all that.
My basic premise is that you cannot denny conspiracies alltogether, because there have been, are, and will be people in high places with (hidden) personal, familial, friendschaft, religious etc etc. agendas. Therefore world politics for the past several hundred years, and to some degree before that has been driven by lots of forces invisible to the "above-ground", perhaps invisible even to the perpetrators. Because it's simply their impulse to do things to their benefit, the benefit of their religion and such, and in this connecting with simmilar minded people, without actualy ploting for "world domination" or whatever.
Christianity is the same. You cannot claim it was constructed and used for the sole purpose of rulling the world and brainwashing people, quite the contrary. But in itself if regards itself as the only truth that should be brought in every corner of the world, even at the cost of eradicating thousands and millions, and in this it often used very strage ways to affirm itself.
And yes, they hate hate hate from the burning fiery hellish pits of their hearts, missing altogether the original teaching. I think people like you and me who could be considered pagans and such are far more closer to being real christians than these paranoid, closeminded, love-devoided sunday-church-going nutcases.