Monday, April 17, 2006

More musings on the political leanings of bands.

Damn fucking nation, but Arghoslent have me perplexed.

On the face of it, Arghoslent look like they should be the Klans outing into death metal. They sing about the glories of imperialism and slavery, and feature woodcuts of slavery scenes prominently in their artwork. Certain lyrics as well, portray standard racists views: there are lyrical suggestions of the inferiority of blacks and whatnot in songs such as 'Flogging the Cargo'. However, I see numerous problems:

*A proper racist/fascist band wouldn't call a song 'Flogging the Cargo'. They wouldn't put a song such titled as the first track on an album called 'Incorrgible Bigotry'. Would they? It would seem almost that if that were so, and Arghoslent were serious in their political beliefs, they would be adopting the title of 'bigots' as a positive moniker. Now, I'm not too good on the word reclamation schemes of the far right (if, indeed, they exist) but I have NEVER seen anyone positively use the term 'bigot'.
*Their website is wrong. Could you imagine Nokturnal Mortum putting up their hate-mail? Or Burzum's website ever failing to link to tediously lengthy articles on Aryan superiority and odalism? Arghoslent even reprint an article by an Isreali music writer and fail to call him a filthy agent of ZOG. That's like a Jamaican dub MC hugging a gay guy.
*Their approach is too historical. When they voice specific racist views, they are seemingly talking from the mouths of historical characters. Most importantly, there is no romanticism. Nazi's and deep south racists have this in common: They almost always romanticise. If they are not romanticising, they are at the other end of the scale with bands like Grinded Nig. Arghoslent are neither of these things.
*They're on a Carnivore tribute, now, unless it's a different Carnivore, and I don't think it is, that, to me, speaks VOLUMES about their worldview.

My opinion: Argholsent, no doubt, have extreme beliefs, but I don't think these fall anywhere within the traditional extreme-right spectrum. These guys are classic extreme metal misanthropes, who have found the one area that will still make everyone uncomfortable. Gore lyrics may have shocked once, but to our modern, desensitised minds, not even the sickest thing Cattle Decapitation could pull out their hats (and 'Extracted Pus, Mistaken for Yoghurt and Gargled' is pretty bad) can make us do anything more than grin in sick delight: despite their intentions, I doubt CxDx have created a single vegan. Hideous blasphemies and sexual perversions? We love it. Nattefrost can sing about raping preteens and Marduk can sing about raping Jesus, and yet barely anyone in the metal scene even thinks about rejecting them. Nattefrost can even record himself taking a piss and vomiting, whilst countless black metallers have stage acts dripping in blood, feces, self-mutilation, pigs-heads, meat-bras, nudity, vomit and goodness knows what. And yet, we seem pretty unpreturbed. Even Anal Cunt, Arghoslents assault, therefore, may simply be the most brutal and effective attack on our politically correct sensibilites they could muster, allowing them to spread their misanthropic hatred by reminding us of incidents from our past far too raw to consider. Even their involvement with right wing labels and distros is understandable: Who else would touch them? Well, the answer is Drakkar, which, for me, nails it right in the coffin as to what side of the bigotry fence they're on. A band on the same label as Haggar and Qntal is definitely spreading the hate equally.

Of course, I might just be over-analysing. Maybe they spend all their leisure time in white sheets? Either way, they turn out a splendid riff, and I have no problems whatsoever shopping from Drakkar. I may have to pick me up some Arsenal of Glory.

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filthyblaggard said...

have you read their interview at Tartarean Desire? its pretty interesting