Monday, April 17, 2006

More musings on the political leanings of bands.

Damn fucking nation, but Arghoslent have me perplexed.

On the face of it, Arghoslent look like they should be the Klans outing into death metal. They sing about the glories of imperialism and slavery, and feature woodcuts of slavery scenes prominently in their artwork. Certain lyrics as well, portray standard racists views: there are lyrical suggestions of the inferiority of blacks and whatnot in songs such as 'Flogging the Cargo'. However, I see numerous problems:

*A proper racist/fascist band wouldn't call a song 'Flogging the Cargo'. They wouldn't put a song such titled as the first track on an album called 'Incorrgible Bigotry'. Would they? It would seem almost that if that were so, and Arghoslent were serious in their political beliefs, they would be adopting the title of 'bigots' as a positive moniker. Now, I'm not too good on the word reclamation schemes of the far right (if, indeed, they exist) but I have NEVER seen anyone positively use the term 'bigot'.
*Their website is wrong. Could you imagine Nokturnal Mortum putting up their hate-mail? Or Burzum's website ever failing to link to tediously lengthy articles on Aryan superiority and odalism? Arghoslent even reprint an article by an Isreali music writer and fail to call him a filthy agent of ZOG. That's like a Jamaican dub MC hugging a gay guy.
*Their approach is too historical. When they voice specific racist views, they are seemingly talking from the mouths of historical characters. Most importantly, there is no romanticism. Nazi's and deep south racists have this in common: They almost always romanticise. If they are not romanticising, they are at the other end of the scale with bands like Grinded Nig. Arghoslent are neither of these things.
*They're on a Carnivore tribute, now, unless it's a different Carnivore, and I don't think it is, that, to me, speaks VOLUMES about their worldview.

My opinion: Argholsent, no doubt, have extreme beliefs, but I don't think these fall anywhere within the traditional extreme-right spectrum. These guys are classic extreme metal misanthropes, who have found the one area that will still make everyone uncomfortable. Gore lyrics may have shocked once, but to our modern, desensitised minds, not even the sickest thing Cattle Decapitation could pull out their hats (and 'Extracted Pus, Mistaken for Yoghurt and Gargled' is pretty bad) can make us do anything more than grin in sick delight: despite their intentions, I doubt CxDx have created a single vegan. Hideous blasphemies and sexual perversions? We love it. Nattefrost can sing about raping preteens and Marduk can sing about raping Jesus, and yet barely anyone in the metal scene even thinks about rejecting them. Nattefrost can even record himself taking a piss and vomiting, whilst countless black metallers have stage acts dripping in blood, feces, self-mutilation, pigs-heads, meat-bras, nudity, vomit and goodness knows what. And yet, we seem pretty unpreturbed. Even Anal Cunt, Arghoslents assault, therefore, may simply be the most brutal and effective attack on our politically correct sensibilites they could muster, allowing them to spread their misanthropic hatred by reminding us of incidents from our past far too raw to consider. Even their involvement with right wing labels and distros is understandable: Who else would touch them? Well, the answer is Drakkar, which, for me, nails it right in the coffin as to what side of the bigotry fence they're on. A band on the same label as Haggar and Qntal is definitely spreading the hate equally.

Of course, I might just be over-analysing. Maybe they spend all their leisure time in white sheets? Either way, they turn out a splendid riff, and I have no problems whatsoever shopping from Drakkar. I may have to pick me up some Arsenal of Glory.

Monday, April 10, 2006


The Alien Vampires LP is OUT! Clutch your feeble, clammy mortal fingers round your credit cards and experience the evil today.

Or just check out the previews @ THE ALIEN VAMPIRES OFFICIAL SITE

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Death in June are not fucking Nazis.

Please fuck will someone get a brain, learn french and actually read the lyrics of Death in June - Klaus Barbie and think about them.

I will translate them for you:

Where is Klaus Barbie?
Where is Klaus Barbie?
Where is Klaus Barbie?
Where is Klaus Barbie?
He is in the heart.
He is in the heart.
He is in the black heart.
He is in the heart.

Where is Klaus Barbie?
Where is Klaus Barbie?
Where is Klaus Barbie?
Where is Klaus Barbie?
He is in the heart.
He is in the heart.
He is in the black heart.
He is in the heart.

This is a dream.

Where is Klaus Barbie?

Klaus Barbie is the Butcher of Lyon. The song is in french. Klaus Barbie is represented here as a symbol for the lurking specter of genocide, the fatal flaw of hatred and violence at the heart of humanity that forever denies us freedom. It's not a nazi track. What are their other Nazi tracks? Rose Clouds of Holocaust is about the German people being led through the concentration camps and being shown what was done in their name. People will tell you it is holocaust denial, but 'When the Angels of Ignorance fall down from your eyes' becomes obvious if you've ever seen the newsreel footage of a German citizens reaction to seeing the lampshades of human skin, and, if you think about it, the song just doesn't make sense as holocause denunciation. Go find the lyrics to an actual holocaust denunciation song (Skrewdriver and Prussian Blue have some I believe, I'm not a RAC expert) and see what I mean. What else supports the idea they're nazis. The Totenkopf-6? Please people, Joy Division are named after the official SS Whores and the intro and chorus of Warsaw is Rudolph Hess's prisoner number. Throbbing Gristle constantly used concentration camp photos in their artwork. Nazis? No. It fits exactly into the punk/post-punk/early industrial obsession with the power of Nazi imagery. Remember when Siouxsie and the Banshees wore Swastika armbands? Anyone calling them Nazis? No. It seems people cannot deal with poetry and ambiquity, because people are fucking dumb. Want more evidence?

Death in June - Lullaby to a Ghetto

So, this is your life
This is your world
In a lullaby to a ghetto
Where you murder boys and girls

Ashes of a butterfly
On a blood-soaked wand
Painted, all decorated
Absent and missing
Like secret dreams
And, broken promises
Like all our dead
And thoroughbred

Let the absence of life begin
To form an ash
And diamond lake
Revisionist, rust-torn and red
Black sun baked

Frank eyes never lie
They weep and shine
With that emptiness
Feral inside them
That mirrors can't define

Don't look to God
He's turned away
Savaged by the smell
Of the first of seven days

So, this is your life
This is your world
In a lullaby to a ghetto
Where you murder boys and girls

ACTIVE DENUNCIATION OF HOLOCAUST DENIAL. Real Nazis don't even MENTION Ghettos and Auschwitz. They try and paint it white.

Oh, and don't forget Douglas Pearce is a gay socialist WHO USED TO BE IN CRISIS.



Wednesday, April 05, 2006


One page completed, 2 pages rough teasers.

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Image hosting by Photobucket

The main thing I'm worried about at this stage is people not getting the jokes. Also, still experimenting to see how the art-style is gonna work out.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Update on the comic.

Work is still actually proceeding apace. I have one page fully pencilled and inked, one page fully pencilled and half inked, and one page half pencilled. When I have finished pencilling the third page I will try computer inking it to see if that is faster.

Also, the characters now have noses. It looked cool without 'em in the concept pics, but when I came to actually drawing the damn action it just started looking silly, especially when they were in profile.

I fucking hate hipsters

Oh Gods, don't you? Have you never seen a scrotty cunt with a godawful haircut, three belts, a baby blue slogan shirt and pants down around his arse and just wanted to just beat him with a bike chain until he looked like something out of The Evil Dead? I know I have. Oh, but why hate the hipsters, you ask. Why not?

Reasons for hating hipsters:

1. They have no real taste.

The average hipsters taste is composed of nothing but flavpurs of the month, safe 'classics' that random people at shows and on the web will '<3' them for liking, and any band that they think no-one else has heard of that will enhance their 'cred'. They are trapped in a hellish musical present by their pathetic need to have chronologically superior tastes to everyone else (OMG I LIKED NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL WHEN I WAS IN THE WOMB). The idea that people might actually care how long they've listened to a band for compared to others did kinda shock me, but it's true. The really funny thing is how absolutely anything outside the accepted hipster canon is then simply written off as a 'guilty pleasure', thus proving that the hipsters concept of taste is entirely linked to outside forces. I mean, I genuinely do feel guilty and ashamed for listening to Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler (shut up!), but feeling guilty for listening to SKINNY PUPPY? Come the fuck on people. Also, Hipsters will utterly love a band, then completely forget about them en masse. I remember when hipsters everywhere (though especially in America, where the worst of Englands music is hailed as almighty) thought Franz Ferdinand had descended from Olympus to gift mankind with rock, and now no-one even mentions 'em.

2. They are self-contradictory.

Hipsters thrive on a percieved notion of cultural superiority. The notion is, that they have a wide-ranging knowledge of art, music and film that makes them sophisticated and cool and elevates them above mere mortals. In fact, they have a very blinkered and narrow knowledge of certain types of art, music and film (mainly of the bland, pastel, ironic and utterly dire variety). All hipsters lists of top ten films will include Garden State. They used to all include Napoleon Dynamite as well, but that got uncool, thank fuck. Hipsters will generally know nothing of any area of music outside the remit of the 'indie'. And of course, the ultimate irony of almost all independent stuff, except for a very minor fringe of real DIY bands, is that none of this stuff is indie by choice. It would love to be mainstream, and, given the right marketing or swing in popular tastes, 99% of it could be. Indie music, in particular, is almost singularly bland, unadventurous and, in fact, almost entirely resembles its mainstream counterparts except for a general lack of production polish. Hipsters even champion these tedious, mainstream aspects of their music (pop sensibilities olol), though, cretinous fashion zombies as they are, few of them can entirely live on a diet of gut-wrenchingly bad indie pop (though those that do should arguably be shot on site to prevent contamination of the gene-pool. Not that many Belle and Sebastien fans do more than have a little paddle in it, but hey, better safe than sorry.) and they do accasionally adopt some entirely random musical trend (alt. Country, lighter drone music and post-rock spring to mind. Note the relative non-offensiveness. The Hipsters ain't taking even an ironic liking to grindcore anytime soon.) This random trend stuff will be the only decent music a hipster listens to, apart from old Beatles records. The really, really awful thing about hipsters though? They hate proficient music. They overwhelmingly dislike guitar solos and any form of progressive rock (even Pink Floyd ffs). This, in my book, is pretty much grounds for the extermination camps.

3. They dress like retards.

See: 99.9999% of Myspace.

4. They like Starbucks and its pallid clones.

This just about speaks for its fucking self. Go stick your fucking cold moccacino americano latte monte verde up your fucking arse.

That was therapeutic but I'm bored now. Friend of mine just put me onto this black/death metal from his area, called Martyrdom and they ain't bad. They are certainly at this moment more interesting than ranting about fucking hipster scum.

Check 'em out