Monday, February 27, 2006

How to enjoy modernist literature in five easy steps.

1: Purchase the complete works of Virginia Woolf and James Joyce.
2: Pile them up
3: Pour petrol over them
4: Strike a match and throw it atop the pile
5: Marshmallows!

If your fire starts going out, chuck on a few herstory professors and post-modern literary critics who use the word 'irony' too much.


Anonymous said...

i disagree because modernism produced many of the greatest works of literature (e.g. broch, doblin, mann)

Kai said...

Virginia Woolf is pretty shit-tastical.

The Master said...

@ Comment 1: I quite like Elliot as well, but I'm not tediously deconstructing any of that at A-Level right now. I think the following quote sums it up: "Pretty much all modernism is pretentious wank, but at least it's not fucking post-modernism."

@ Comment 2: Why didn't she jump off that bridge, say, 30 years earlier.

Kai said...

Post-Modernism can suck it.

Anonymous said...

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